what we do

At Virtual Pipe Organs Australia we specialise in hand crafted custom made Virtual Pipe Organs, individually designed to our client's specification.

Our aim is to provide the organ of your dreams, using only the best pipe organ components from all around the world.

Our organs are fully functional consoles built to specification for each chosen school, whether it be AGO, BDO, French Romantic, Baroque, English Cathedral or American Symphonic… it's your choice.

Using fine quality exotic renewable resource hardwoods and veneers, we create an instrument that any organist will be immediatley at home playing, with all the familiar controls one would expect. From solid wood core keyboards from companies like Aug Laukhuff, Kimber Allen and Klann Organ to your choice of moving drawstops, lighted drawstops, moving tilting tablets, lighted tablets from companies like Syndyne, OSI, Klann and many more.

Using the world-renowned Hauptwerk software host, all our organs are custom written and samples carefully selected from our extensive sample library. (All rank sample licences are included where necessary)

Take a moment to browse our photo library and read the testimonials of our customers.

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